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Linguistic Research

This page contains a list of the languages that I am currently working on. If you have additional resources or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


Wagiman is a near-extinct Aboriginal language spoken in the Northern Territory of Australia. I am gathering all available material and recordings in the language and study the behavior of complex predicates.


Vurës is an Oceanic language spoken by about 2,000 people in the south of Vanua Lava, a small island in northern Vanuatu. On this page, I share some of my recordings, photos, and experiences with the Vurës community.


Lēmērig is a near-extinct Oceanic language spoken by only a handful of people scattered throughout Vanua Lava, the same island where Vurës is spoken. All Lēmērig speakers are multilingual. Some recordings can be found here.


The Javanese language of Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, is very different from the Standard Javanese spoken in Central Java. The speakers call their language 'Suroboyoan'. I examined the politeness system and the grammatical features of this language and share some of my recordings here.